Integration: Growth Experiments and Jira

Create cards in Jira automatically integrating with Experiments.

Create a board on Jira referring to Experiments, will help the company organize cards more efficiently since this will be the destination point to which Growth Experiments will send the data.

This integration is one more option on Growth Experiments to optimize a team's experiment process. Bearing in mind that the whole process is customizable.

E.g.: The team can choose in which stage the Growth Experiments card goes to Jira.

  • What does it do?
    • Where to add it to an Idea?
    • How to get data from Jira cards?
  • Setting up the integration

What does it do?

With this integration, the users can push ideas directly to Jira. All team players of the project will be able to send Experiments cards to Jira through the platform, at the bottom of ideas cards.

Also, this integration allows the team to get data in Jira of the same added cards there through Growth Experiments.

Where to add it to an idea?

  1. Move an idea to tests by clicking on ‘Up Next’.
  2. Visit the idea detailed page.
  3. Click on 'Push to Jira' - in the Integrations section.
  4. Information from the card will be pushed to Jira.

How to get data from Jira cards?

  1. Access a card.

  2. Visit the idea detailed page.

  3. Click on 'Get data from Jira'.

  4. Information from Jira will display on the Growth Experiments card.

Setting up the integration

  1. On Growth Experiments, go to the 'Integrations' section. - In the menu.
  2. Look for 'Jira' and click on 'Add integration'.
  3. Access Jira's software, go to Settings icon > Products > Application Links.
  4. Go back to Growth Experiments and copy the 'URL (To create a new link in Jira)'.
  5. Go to Jira, paste into the box, and click on 'Create New Link'.

  6. If a message like this pop-up, ignore it and click on 'Continue'.

  7. The following window should pop up. It will be necessary to add the 'Link applications' below. 


    7.1.   Link Applications - Part I

      • Application Name: GrowthHackers Projects
      • Application Type: Generic Application
      • Service Provider Name: GrowthHackers Projects 
      • Consumer Key:

      • Shared Secret: Not Used [It's necessary to enter something here, but we currently do not use it]
      • Request Token URL:
      • Access token URL:
      • Authorize URL:
      • Check the 'Create incoming link' - checkbox at the bottom.

    7.2 Link Applications - Part II 
      • Consumer Key: 
      • Consumer Name: GrowthHackers Projects
      • Public Key: 

    Check an example: 
  8. Enter the Jira URL and click on 'Connect'.
  9. Now, it's time to allow GrowthHackers to access the Jira data and continue.
  10. Select a project and click on 'Save'.
  11. The integration is done! 

Happy Integrating!