Integration: Growth Experiments and Amplitude

Visualize Amplitude metrics directly through Growth Experiments, to define and create hypotheses for experimentation.

This integration is one more option on Growth Experiments to optimize a team's experiment process.

  • What does it do?
    • Where to add it to a metric?
  • Setting up the integration

What does it do?

Linking a behavior analytics partner, like Amplitude, to Growth Experiments software lets the team align their Objectives, experimentation, and activities around accurate and up-to-date metrics. Goals can set and hypotheses created based on these metrics.

Where to add it to a metric?

  1. Find the metric to connect with Amplitude and select it.
  2. Once on the metric page, scroll down. Below the chart, there is a panel with all the metric measurements.
  3. On the top of that panel, there are some Action Buttons. 
  4. Select 'Link Behavioral Data'.
  5. Select the Amplitude app. 
  6. Select the event to link to the metric.
  7. Click on 'Measure Event' to preview the data.
  8. Click on 'Link Data' to finish. Check this example below.

      Setting up the integration 

      1. On Growth Experiments, go to the 'Integrations' section. - In the menu.
      2. Look for 'Amplitude' and click on 'Add integration'.
      3. To connect the Growth Experiments with the Amplitude account, enter your Amplitude API Key and Secret.
        Check here, on Segment docs, for more details: 
      4. It's done! Now the Workspace is connected with Optimizely.

      Happy integrating!